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The electromobility market went from uncertainty and mistrust to a boom moment with significant growth, transforming into human mobility that will unify all of Latin America, as was pointed out at the Northern Electric Route event.

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Marco Antonio Sánchez, president of ANVES and co-organizer with ALAMOS - Latin American Association of Sustainable Mobility, Costa Rican Association of Electric Mobility - Asomove and Electric Mobility Association of Guatemala, announced that the Electric Route North, allows electric vehicles to connect Mexico with Central American countries via road, leaving behind the myth that they are only for city use.

For her part, the representative of Economic Promotion, Global Economic Impulse of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs pointed out that this event aims to make visible the increase in the infrastructure of charging stations for accessible electric vehicles, which allows transit through roads and encourages adoption of electric vehicles.

Silvia Rojas Soto, president of Alamos, Latin American Association of Sustainable Mobility and of the Costa Rican Association of Electric Mobility, stated that for health reasons our cities need help to improve air quality.

There are already three routes that establish a charging point every 230 km, which ensures that any electric vehicle can make the Guatemala-Mexico, Mexico City-Panama and the Andean Route routes - which are 10 countries - Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, the region is ready. In November the Southern Cone Route -Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay- will be announced.

Sergio Arevalo, from the Board of Directors of Amegua Electric Mobility Association of Guatemala, commented that Guatemala was a bit stagnant in the adoption of electric vehicles and thanks to the public and the help of the ministry it was a surprise that last year the Incentives Law passed for electric vehicles, as for AMEGUA it was a watershed since it helped electric vehicles become equivalent to combustion vehicles and not only that but the Law contemplates the extension of income taxes for assembly and manufacturing of parts and electric vehicles, with this they have seen the attraction of investment from outside, summarizing that the public and the private sector have to work together for electric mobility to achieve environmental goals, something important that stated that the private sector will have the opportunity of business in charging points, mechanics, repairs, installations, electrical infrastructure, all of this goes hand in hand with economic growth, I conclude, grateful for the invitation and congratulating Mexico and Guatemala for these 175 years of diplomatic relations.

Due to its importance, the closing of the inauguration event of the Northern Electrical Route was carried out by His Excellency Marco Tulio Chicas Sosa, Ambassador of Guatemala, who pointed out that we are on the right path for electrical connectivity. He recognized the recovery of rail connectivity, which opens many possibilities and we must see how Guatemala is integrated into this scheme, concluding that the best is yet to come.

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