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National Association of Electric and Sustainable Vehicles

Creating Sustainable Mobility for a Mexico with Cleaner Air

We are a Mexican organization with National representation created in 2015, we are the first association that has promoted public policies in Mexico, which today are pillars that have served as a basis to be able to transition to sustainable mobility in the country throughout the ecosystem that integrates the electromobility

We are a technical and scientific organization that goes beyond just talking about the benefits of electric vehicles in the country.

Made up of various companies in the automotive sector, SMEs dedicated to the conversion of gasoline vehicles to 100% electric operation, others dedicated to the sale of bicycles, skateboards, motorcycles, scooters, segwe's; by alternative public transportation service providers that use various zero-emission vehicles of various kinds, as well as professionals and people passionate about electric or sustainable Zero Emission vehicles, who can use any technology that does not produce greenhouse gases and who are committed to change polluting mobility for a sustainable, ecological one that allows these and future generations to live in a less polluted Mexico



ANVES will become a leading organization with technical authority, will articulate and promote the development of sustainable mobility vehicles and technologies in Mexico, offering quality services to its associates and stakeholders throughout the national territory to achieve the promotion of electric and sustainable vehicles.


ANVES will go beyond mere dissemination of the characteristics and benefits of electric vehicles, it will seek to have a firm and defined impact on the state organizations that make up the country's energy and mobility policy, with clear awareness of the importance and role What electric and/or sustainable vehicles in their different forms must have in the development of the present and future of Mexico.



Each member of ANVES works with the objective of promoting  companies of our associates, opening bridges of opportunity, holding networking events, forums, exhibitions,  creating relationships with governments, strategic alliances with the private and industrial sectors at a national and international level.

We make alliances with various expos and conferences nationwide to open spaces for dissemination and  exposure to our associates.

Together ANVES and our associates form a multidisciplinary group with the vocation of creating new products and technology, generating more sources of employment and making this nascent industry in Mexico more competitive.



*Promote a circular, collaborative, efficient and sustainable economy.

*Strengthen each of the areas of operation of each of the members, forming an integral pillar of the electric vehicle industry.

*Promote inclusion by allowing all companies and individuals, regardless of size, to have a space and be considered.

*Promote technological development and local manufacturing by all members of the sector.

*Generate new entrepreneurs and new companies that catapult Mexico to be the largest producer of electric vehicles in LATAM.

*Improve the dissemination of the work of each and every one of the members.

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